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  • TRT UK Optimale

    A Comprehensive Guide to TRT in the UK

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy - Everything you need to know about TRT, from treatment types to side effects...
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  • What is testosterone?

    What is testosterone?

    What is testosterone? This molecule is well known for being the 'man hormone'. But is there more to it? Learn more about this amazing compound...
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  • normal male testosterone levels optimale

    Normal male testosterone levels

    Normal Male Testosterone Levels - Testosterone deficiency is a growing epidemic. Men’s testosterone levels have dropped 20% in the last 20 years...
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  • Is testosterone replacement therapy safe

    Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe?

    One common question regarding TRT is whether it is safe. Here we discuss safety concerns and whether TRT is right for you.
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  • TRT fertility Optimale

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy & Fertility

    TRT can reduce fertility levels, but this doesn't have to be the case...
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  • Low sex drive and low testosterone (5)

    Low Sex Drive & Low Testosterone

    Low sex drive and low testosterone - Low sex drive is something that most adults will experience at some time in their lives...
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  • Celebrities on TRT

    Celebrities Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

    Testosterone replacement therapy is widely used by celebrities for its effects on health, vitality, aesthetics, mood and energy. Here are a few we know about...
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  • Testimonials Optimale

    Patient Testimonials

    Testimonials from real Optimale patients, read about how our 5-star service and doctors changed their lives.
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  • Side effects of TRT

    Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Common Side Effects of TRT - All medications have side effects, luckily most side effects of TRT can be controlled...
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  • Best TRT Protocol Optimale

    The Best TRT Protocol

    What is the Best TRT Protocol around? How to find out the best TRT protocol for you? What is the best medication type to use?
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  • Cost of TRT

    How Much does TRT Cost per month?

    Cost of TRT - Not sure about how much TRT will cost? We like to be transparent about our costs. Read more on our pricing here...
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  • Low sex drive and low testosterone

    TRT & The Male Sex Drive

    Low sex drive affects men for different reasons, here we look at some of the causes and the treatments available to get you back to yourself...
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  • How to boost low sex drive

    Boosting A Low Sex Drive – Lifestyle Changes | Optimale

    How to boost low sex drive and low libido levels with lifestyle changes and treatment...
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  • Exercise and low sex drive

    Exercise and Low Sex Drive

    Understand how exercise is related to low sex drive, how it can improve your sex drive and how it can make it worse.
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