Celebrities on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Celebrities on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is widely used by celebrities. With early access to the latest medical advances, they were some of the first to benefit from this medication.

Why do celebrities use TRT?

Celebrities often want to keep their youthful looks, muscle, strength and energy levels. Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to do this and more.

Therefore it’s no wonder that more and more celebrities are taking advantage of the benefits of TRT.

Due to the sometimes personal nature of TRT there are likely to be 100’s more celebrities on testosterone replacement therapy who haven’t admitted it publicly.

Celebrities known to be on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is open about his use of TRT.

His improvements in muscle mass, and loss of fat is related to his TRT treatment.

He may also be taking TRT to improve his confidence and mental health.

His physique developments are very impressive despite his growing age.

Robbie Williams TRT

Jeff Bezos (the new richest man in the world)

The man who founded Amazon and has risen to the top of the business world.

As well as being one of the best business minds, he also displays impressive physique changes late on in life.

As you can see from the images opposite, not only has his physique changed but his whole demeanour has progressed and developed. Physique changes that he has demonstrated are very difficult to achieve at his age without improvements in hormonal levels that come from testosterone replacement therapy.

Jeff Bezos Testosterone TRT

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is an American stand-up comedian who has recently risen to fame thanks to his popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”. On his podcast, Joe interviews friends and guests that have included comedians, actors, musicians, MMA instructors and commentators, authors, artists, and porn stars. In this segment, he talks about how he has been on Testosterone Replacement Therapy for 10 years.

Joe Rogan is one of the world’s biggest proponents of Testosterone replacement therapy and regularly talks about its benefits on his podcast.

Dan Bilzerian

In these before and after photos you can see the clear physique improvements in a military-trained man at a later stage in life.

These improvements are possible thanks to the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, as Dan discusses with Joe Rogan here.

Dan Bilzerian before TRT
Celebrities on Testosterone Replacement Therapy - Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian famously went through the Navy Seal’s training program twice. He was prevented from completing due to an injury and the second time he blamed on politics.

Since then he went on to become a multi-millionaire poker winner and Playboy who regularly throws extravagant parties. He has recently opened a cannabis vaping company.

Dan demonstrates the beneficial effects on mindset, motivation and physique that draws celebrities to using TRT.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s physique has improved dramatically in the past few years.

Rumour has it he is on Testosterone Replacement Therapy and HGH.

His gains in muscle mass and reduced body fat indicate a change in hormones which are unlikely to occur in a man of his age naturally. He looks in better shape than he did when he was 40!

Mel Gibson TRT

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is in remarkable shape for a man in his 70s.

It is no secret that he has also been on Testosterone Replacement Therapy and HGH to help him stay in such great shape.

In fact, he has been caught more than once illegally smuggling larger quantities of medication such as testosterone and HGH.

This is due to the fact that some countries still have laws which make even legal TRT difficult to come by.


Sylvester Stallone TRT

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates is an ex-bodybuilder with huge levels of muscle mass.

He has managed to legally remain in great shape partly thanks to TRT. Ex-bodybuilders often struggle to maintain their previous levels of muscle as testosterone has such a dramatic effect on mass building.

Dorian Yates TRT

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman’s transformation has not got unnoticed. From the age of 30 to the age of 51 today, Hugh has demonstrated one of the most dramatic changes in physique for an ageing man that has ever been seen.

Although this is undoubtedly partly due to a ramped-up exercise program, this sort of development is highly unlikely without some form of hormone replacement therapy.

Celebrities on TRT Hugh Jackman TRT

He is perhaps the best example of a celebrity on TRT and the amazing results that it can produce.


These are just a few examples of celebrities on testosterone replacement therapy.

Due to the personal nature of health and medication, there are many more that haven’t admitted they have TRT to thank for their successful, desirable lives.

Observing the similarities between the photos of these hints at the benefits derived from TRT:

  • improved muscle mass
  • lean physique with low body fat
  • increased attractiveness to women
  • success and increased motivation at work and when exercising
  • improved mood and general sense of well-being

In the past, testosterone replacement therapy was only accessible to rich and well connected celebrities, via expensive private doctors.

Luckily you can now also benefit from the same life changing treatments for as little as £89.99 per month!

If you are interested in what TRT has to offer then click here to purchase a test. Or take this quick questionnaire to see if you may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.