How Long Does Male Menopause Last?

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Male menopause usually continues for the rest of your life after you get the condition. Some men may succeed in reversing symptoms if levels are caused by lifestyle issues. Otherwise, TRT is the only solution to improving this condition.

How long does male menopause last?

We know that male menopause can cause some horrible symptoms.

But is it something that will go away on its own?

How long does male menopause last – a few weeks? A few months? Or for the rest of your life?

Read on for more information on this debilitating condition.

Role of Low Testosterone in Male Menopause

The male menopause occurs when a man’s testosterone levels drop as he ages.

This happens for a few different reasons, but not to all men.

SHBG levels reduce available testosterone

One reason is that there is an increase in SHBG levels as men age. This leads to less free testosterone available for a man’s body. SHBG stands for sex hormone-binding globulin, this molecule binds to testosterone making it inactive and unavailable.

Reduced testosterone production by the Leydig cells

Another reason for this change is the reduction in testosterone production by the Leydig cells in the testicles. As we age these cells become less effective at producing testosterone which can lead to less of the main male hormone, and a rise in LH (luteinising hormone) as the brain tries to stimulate more production. This is called primary hypogonadism as the primary producer of testosterone (the testes) is causing the low levels.

Increased weight gain/disease

In most men, age means more body fat. This isn’t always true but can be a vicious circle where lower hormone levels mean it is difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Increased body fat means more aromatase, this, in turn, means more oestrogen which suppresses LH production (and therefore testosterone). It also converts more testosterone into oestrogen in the body leaving less available for use.

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The Potential Timeline of Male Menopause

When does male menopause start?

Men lose around 1% of their testosterone levels per year after the age of 30.

Combine this with the increase in SHBG levels year by year and it is clear why the average age of onset for male menopause is around 38 years old.

Male Menopause Testosterone levels with age graph

When does male menopause end?

Once you have the symptoms of male menopause, it is unlikely to stop unless you get treatment.

How is male menopause diagnosed?

Male menopause is diagnosed through a combination of signs and symptoms, which a doctor will get from taking your social history, and blood tests which will look at your testosterone levels.

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Methods to Increase Low T and Fight Male Menopause

Can male menopause be treated naturally?

Lifestyle and diet are really important for preventing male menopause. If you remain healthy, with a good diet and exercise regime, then the likelihood of suffering from male menopause is reduced.

If you are overweight and unfit, then improving lifestyle and diet factors is the first step to treating this condition. However, sometimes male menopause occurs mainly due to genetics. In these cases medical treatment is necessary.

The best ways to increase testosterone production are by losing excess weight and reducing alcohol consumption, as both of these increase oestrogen production.

How to treat male menopause

The best treatment for male menopause is TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) which is the replacement of natural testosterone levels by the administration of testosterone medication such as gels, creams, injections and pellets. This form of treatment is very effective in most cases and can be delivered safely by skilled doctors.


Male menopause can last for the rest of your life once you start noticing symptoms. Luckily today we have effective modern medicine and TRT specialists who can help with this condition and provide safe options to improve your quality of life.

Learn more about whether you are suffering from male menopause by taking a testosterone blood test.

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