How To Treat Male Menopause (Advice)

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Male menopause can be treated in several ways. For most men TRT is the most effective solution. In some cases it may be treated with lifestyle changes such as losing body fat and increased regular exercise. Men who use TRT have good response rates to treatment.

How to treat Male Menopause Effectively

Whilst some people still think the Male Menopause doesn’t exist, there is a lot of evidence that men’s testosterone levels drop as they age.

Unfortunately, finding treatment can be difficult with the stigma surrounding this condition. As a result, it often isn’t clear how to treat Male Menopause and advice on this subject may be limited.

Often the general feeling is that men of this age should ‘get on with it’ and the changes they experience are a result of ‘just getting older’.

Luckily, we know that this isn’t the case, and men shouldn’t have to struggle through life with these symptoms.

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ADAM Questionnaire

Low Testosterone Test

The ADAM questionnaire has been shown to have 88% sensitivity in testing for low testosterone.

Lifestyle Adjustments to Combat Male Menopause

The best initial options for improving symptoms and treating the Male Menopause are through lifestyle changes.

Moderate alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol causes your precious testosterone levels to be converted into oestrogen. This results in lower testosterone available for your body and it reduces your testosterone production.

Avoid sources of stress

Stress can wreak havoc with your hormone levels. It increases cortisol which may affect your testosterone production if levels are high for long.

Improve your diet

Similarly to alcohol, increased fat gain converts testosterone into oestrogen. Processed foods may also contain chemicals that impact testosterone production. Eating a healthy diet maintains the vitamins and nutrients necessary to produce testosterone.

 Stay active

As above, regular exercise maintains a healthy weight and improves testosterone production.

 Get enough sleep

Sleep is hugely important for testosterone levels. If your circadian rhythm is affected then this can lead to impacted hormone production as testosterone is released first thing in the morning. Testosterone is also produced during REM sleep cycles, these occur a few times a night so getting a full night’s sleep is vitally important.

Monitoring with blood tests

By getting quarterly testosterone blood tests you can analyse and monitor the effectiveness of these lifestyle changes on your testosterone levels.

Use Science & Medicine to Fight Male Menopause

Whilst some men need only to change their lifestyle to treat the male menopause, others can’t change their levels so easily. This is often because they have genetic issues causing low testosterone, or their reasons for having male menopause aren’t reversible.

Luckily, testosterone replacement therapy can be used to effectively improve symptoms in most men.

By injecting or using a gel/cream, you replace the testosterone levels in your body with higher levels of testosterone. This improves the symptoms that men get when going through the Male Menopause.

What is the Cost of TRT

How much does TRT cost? With Optimale the cost of TRT is usually around the equivalent of a takeaway coffee each day. Our standard subscription is £89.99 per month and includes all follow-up support and doctor’s consultations.

Read more about the Cost of TRT in the UK.

Blood Test

Testosterone test kits

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What is the Outlook For Men Suffering From Male Menopause?

The outlook for men suffering from Male Menopause used to be terrible, but times have changed. Luckily, with clinics such as Optimale available in the UK, it is easier than ever to get safe, legal treatment for male menopause.

Testosterone replacement therapy replaces your low natural levels with high normal levels to improve your symptoms. It is extremely effective and affordable for most men. Other men can benefit from simple lifestyle changes to improve their levels. These include losing weight, eating well, sleeping better, exercising more and avoiding alcohol and drug use.

To find out whether you are suffering from the Male Menopause, head over to our ADAM questionnaire to find out if you are likely to be a candidate for treatment or contact us to ask a question or learn more.

If you want to monitor your testosterone levels then take a look at our list of blood tests.

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