Optiman Blood Test - Ultimate Male Biomarker Test

Optiman Questionnaire

Optimale have built the Ultimate Biomarker blood test designed for men that demand the best care and quality when it comes to their health.

Is this the right test for me?

Liver & kidney function – important health markers – these could be affected if you consume alcohol regularly.

Male hormone panel – check your key male hormones including testosterone, prolactin and oestrogen. Key for male sexual and physical function.

Uric acid – ensure that you are not at risk of developing gout.

Vitamins & minerals – we test the most important minerals for male health and well-being.

Cholesterol & lipids – measure and improve your cardiovascular health.

In total we test for over 26 essential biomarkers that you should be tracking as a high performing man.

Complete our short questionnaire below and our medical team will evaluate whether this test is right for you.