Clinic Visit

Visit one of our UK clinics to have your blood sample taken by a nurse. 


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Visit a clinic to have your blood test taken from your veins by a nurse.

Venous tests have a higher success rate than finger prick blood tests and we have clinics across the UK who can help you have your blood tested.

How the Clinic Visit works:

  1. Order a Venous Blood Test Kit – order one of our blood tests and select the ‘Venous’ option. Your blood test kit will arrive in the post and we will send you a consent form that you need to take with the blood test kit to your nearest clinic.
    (you can order a blood test here – Enhanced Testosterone Blood Test)
  2. Order a Clinic Visit – order a clinic visit from this page and we will be in touch to tell you how to organise your clinic visit.
  3. Visit your local Clinic – Visit your local clinic with your blood test kit and consent form, where a nurse will take your blood sample and give it to you to post back to our testing labs.
  4. Post Sample – Post your sample to our lab in the prepaid envelope provided.
  5. Receive Results – We will securely send you your results and discuss the medical analysis of your results with you.

We have clinics at the following locations:

  • Birmingham
    38 Highfield Road, Edgbaston,
    Birmingham B15 3ED
  • Bristol
    4 Queens Square, Bristol
    BS1 4JQ
  • Bromsgrove
    Dolan Park Hospital, Bromsgrove B60 1LY
  • Cardiff
    Second Floor, 18 Park Place
    CF10 3DQ
  • Edinburgh
    16 Great Stuart Street,
    Edinburgh EH3 7TN
  • Glasgow
    Ingram House, 227 Ingram
    Street, Glasgow G1 1DA
  • Leeds
    414-418 Harrogate Road,
    Leeds LS17 6DN
  • Liverpool
    26 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EH
  • London Fulham
    Nightingale House, 1-7 Fulham
    High Street, London SW6 3JH
  • Manchester
    192 Altrincham Road, Manchester M22 4RZ
  • Manchester
    5th Floor, Colywn Chambers,
    19 York Street, Manchester M2 3BA
  • Newcastle
    Asprey House, Bayswater
    Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-
    Tyne NE2 3HR
  • Norwich
    The Roundwell Medical
    Ctr, 25-27 Dr Torrens Way,
    Norwich NR5 0GB
  • Nottingham
    21 The Triangle, NG2 Business
    Park, Nottingham NG2 1EN
  • Sheffield
    Westbrook Court, Sharrow Vale
    Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire S11 8YZ
  • Southampton
    Imperial House, 18-21 Kings Park
    Road, Southampton SO15 2AT

If none of the clinic locations above are convenient for you, then please contact us and we can help you to find another clinic, or arrange a nurse to visit you at home to take your blood sample.


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