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Here’s what our patients say about us:


“I have noticed a lot of marked changes after the second week of treatment, all my symptoms have disappeared and I am a new man again! I can’t thank you, David and the doctor enough, I’m so happy!”


“The appointment went really well. What a huge difference between the NHS and you guys, really impressed.”


“From a general well-being perspective I would say quality of life has moved from a 5 to a strong 8.

Main changes I have noticed:

  • Loss of body fat (I’ve lost 5%) 
  • Substantial decrease in DOMS after the gym 
  • Much more focused at work 
  • Much more positive in general outlook 
  • My cholesterol has reduced by 35% (from 9.4 to 6.2)
  • And my wife is pregnant!

Overall I am really pleased with the improvements I’ve seen this year.”


“Recently I started TRT with OptiMale and my experience has proved very positive. Emails and queries are answered quickly and Alastair’s responses are open, helpful and informative. Fitting in with my erratic travel schedule has not been a problem and OptiMale have made every effort to accommodate me.”

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