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Testosterone Cypionate – Practical, pain free and effective.

Longer Half-life

Testosterone Cypionate has a longer half-life for the most stable levels.


Less irritation

As Testosterone Cypionate has lower levels of benzyl alcohol it is more comfortable to inject.


Practical - good for microdosing

Testosterone Cypionate is practical and easy to microdose as it it comes in a 10ml vial.

What is Testosterone Cypionate used for?

Testosterone Cypionate is used for the treatment of low testosterone in men. It is one option for testosterone replacement therapy in men with low or no production of natural testosterone (hypogonadism).

How does Testosterone Cypionate work?

Testosterone Cypionate in the UK is an oil that is injected either under the skin (subcutaneous/SubQ injection) or into a muscle. It contains the active ingredient testosterone, which is the same as the naturally occurring male hormone testosterone. It replaces the testosterone produced in your body to ensure normal levels.

Testosterone Cypionate in the UK contains a longer ester than Testosterone Enanthate which means it is released into the body at a slightly slower rate. Cypionate has a half-life of 8 days.

Testosterone Cypionate only has one ester. This means that all of its testosterone is released at the same rate. It produces a ‘depot’ of oil under the skin which is then released slowly to give stable levels of testosterone.
This is different to something like Sustanon which is released at different times due to 4 different esters.

The propionate in Sustanon releases very quickly which can cause problems with raised oestrogen and haematocrit – both things that men on TRT want to avoid!

Cypionate is therefore the best overall choice from the 3 options.

Why choose Testosterone Cypionate instead of Enanthate or Sustanon?

Rate of release

In terms of pharmokinetics (how the medication acts in the body, including release rate and effect on tissues), testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate are very similar. Cypionate has one extra carbon atom attached to the ester which means it is slightly slower to release into the body.

They both have a medium half-life which means the testosterone is released fairly quickly after injection.

This is useful because it means that frequency and dose can be adjusted easily to achieve good results and reduce certain side effects yet it isn’t released too quickly which can also cause issues.

This is different to Sustanon which has 4 different esters which release at different rates. It contains propionate which releases very quickly and can cause issues with increased oestrogen and haematocrit levels as well as anxiety in some men.

Carrier oils

The main difference between Cypionate and Enanthate is the carrier oil.

The carrier oil is what the medicine is suspended in. For Enanthate this is either a peanut oil or sesame oil which is quite thick and can cause allergy issues in some men. This can be potentially very dangerous.

For Cypionate it is an olive oil or cottonseed oil which is thinner and easier to inject with less people having allergic reactions. The thinner oil means that there are less lumps left over in subcutaneous injections. Some men who inject Testosterone Enanthate or Sustanon subcutaneously find that it leaves lumps under the skin.

Chlorobutinol and Benzyl alcohol content

Testosterone enanthate contains a high volume of chlorobutinol. This is an irritant. Usually medicines only have up to 0.5% of chlorobutinol due to the irritation it causes. Enanthate can contain 5% or more so reactions are quite common. Testosterone Cypionate in the UK does not contain this which means it causes less post-injection pain (PIP) and less skin reactions around the injection site.

Sustanon contains high benzyl alcohol levels (100mg/ml!) which is substantially higher than Testosterone Cypionate levels (9.45mg/ml).


One of the biggest draws of Testosterone Cypionate is the vial it comes in.

In the UK, Sustanon and Enanthate both often come in glass ampoules. These are easy to break when trying to snap the top (until you learn good technique) and make microdosing or injecting small volumes more frequently, very dificult to achieve.

Testosterone Cypionate comes in 10ml vials which mean you can easily take smaller doses each time you inject. They are also easier to travel with and you can use all-in-one needle/syringes to allow less wastage and less faff when injecting.

Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate

  • Testosterone Cypionate does not contain peanut or soya oil like other preparations. This means that people with these allergies can use it.
  • Testosterone Cypionate has a thinner oil making it easier to inject.
  • Testosterone Cypionate’s oil has less irritating benzyl alcohols – this makes Subcutaneous (under the skin or SubQ) injections less painful and reduces post-injection pain (PIP).
  • Subcutaneous (SubQ) injections can be done more easily which reduces risk of injecting into a vein.
  • Convenient – it comes in a 10ml vial which allows for easier microdosing and less wastage.
  • Practical – the 10ml vial is easier to take on holiday or when travelling.
  • Testosterone Cypionate comes in a vial which means less different needles and syringes are required.

How do I use it?

Cypionate is injected using a needle and syringe.

It is either injected under the skin (subcutaneously) or into the muscle (intramuscularly).

Subcutaneous injections are often considered better as there is less risk of injecting into a vein and the medicine is released more slowly than in an intramuscular injection.

For men with a higher body fat, sometimes injecting intramuscularly is better as there can be issues with absorption of the testosterone.


Make sure you aren’t allergic to any ingredients before injecting!

Ensure you know the correct, safe technique for injecting.

DO NOT inject into a vein or blood supply.

Aspirate before injecting intramuscularly to ensure there is no blood and you aren’t injecting into a vein.

Alcohol swabs before and after injecting to reduce the risk of infections.

Assessment for Testosterone Cypionate use:

If you already use TRT then contact us today for information on how to switch to Testosterone Cypionate in the UK! Anyone taking TRT needs to have frequent blood tests to ensure optimal levels of testosterone, oestrogen and other hormones.

This treatment should only be used by patients who have been assessed by a professional, GMC certified doctor. They should be deemed to have testosterone deficiency and be safe and suitable for this treatment.

Testosterone Cypionate is now available with OptiMale. We can help you to switch to this medication if you are with another provider or get started on TRT with us if you think you may have low testosterone.

Contact us below to get set up, if you have blood test results already then you can send these to us to speed up the process.

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Dr Chris Airey

Dr Chris Airey

Medical Director

This article has been medically reviewed for accuracy by Dr Airey on 12th September 2020.

Dr Chris Airey is a fully registered UK doctor with the GMC (General Medical Council) Reference No: 7490533.
He trained at the University Hospital Southampton and graduated as a Doctor with a joint Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery, plus a Masters in Medical Science, completing his research project in the Medical Neurosciences Department.
He is undertaking a Master of Science course in Endocrinology and is a member of the European Society for Sexual Medicine, and the Androgen Society.
He has personal experience with taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy and is a pioneer in UK treatment protocols for Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.