Testosterone injections for sale

Testosterone is a fantastic medication, but also can be prone to abuse for various reasons. Finding testosterone injections for sale in the UK can be particularly difficult.

This is partly because buying testosterone legally in the UK is only possible with a prescription from a doctor.

At Optimale we provide the best care possible to ensure that men with low testosterone can get testosterone safely in the UK.

Where to buy testosterone injections in the UK

Testosterone can only be bought legally from pharmacies in the UK.  This is because testosterone is a controlled medicine and can only be sold under prescription.

Doctors and clinics can provide prescriptions for testosterone which then allows pharmacies to provide the medication for medical issues.

Most doctors in the UK won’t prescribe testosterone injections, however, they will prescribe a gel, pellet or patch.


What Types of Testosterone are available in the UK?

The most common forms of testosterone in the UK are Sustanon, Testogel, Nebido, pellets and patches. But these aren’t usually the best options for TRT in most men.

Most of these options have their own issues and downsides.

Gels are rubbed into the skin and release over the day. They can have issues with poor absorption and transference to women and children who may suffer irreversible conditions as a result. Transference can cause children to go through early puberty and for women to become virilized (they develop more masculine features). These effects cannot be reversed. Women may get clitoral growth, increased body hair and beard growth as well as bone structure changes to the jaw and shoulder girdle.

Patches suffer less from transfer issues. However, they may also have absorption problems and can be uncomfortable and impractical to use daily. They may also cause skin irritation which may mean their use has to be stopped.

Pellets are put under the skin and release testosterone over a long period of time – usually 6 months. They can be effective but getting the right dose may be difficult. This is because they require minor surgery to insert or remove, so if the dose is incorrect it can be hard to adjust. On the face of it, they are the most convenient option.

Injections are the most effective method for providing testosterone. They can be used to provide steady levels of testosterone which reduce peaks in oestrogen, DHT and haematocrit. This reduces side effects and keeps men healthier. The dosing strategy will often have to be adjusted to the patient.

Some clinics, such as Optimale, can provide alternatives including testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate. These options have less side effects and better long term results than the more common options used in the UK and by the NHS.

These are combined with HCG use to prevent the shrinking of the testicles and reduction of natural testosterone production by the testicles.

How to get TRT injections in the UK?

Optimale can prescribe testosterone injections to men who have low testosterone symptoms, and two low sets of testosterone results.

These are then used by the doctor to work out whether you need testosterone replacement therapy. Some men will need to use lifestyle changes alongside or as well as TRT to get better.

Other values are required to ensure you are safe to start treatment – these are all done in the second blood test and monitored throughout treatment.

The process of starting TRT is a step by step journey with incremental changes to your protocol often required to get the best results. Our doctors will take you through your journey to great health.

If you are interested to learn more about where you can buy testosterone injections in the UK then please contact us using the form below or purchase an initial blood test here.


Dr Chris Airey

Dr Chris Airey

Medical Director

This article has been medically reviewed for accuracy by Dr Airey on 12th September 2020.

Dr Chris Airey is a fully registered UK doctor with the GMC (General Medical Council) Reference No: 7490533.
He trained at the University Hospital Southampton and graduated as a Doctor with a joint Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery, plus a Masters in Medical Science, completing his research project in the Medical Neurosciences Department.
He is undertaking a Master of Science course in Endocrinology and is a member of the European Society for Sexual Medicine, and the Androgen Society.
He has personal experience with taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy and is a pioneer in UK treatment protocols for Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.