Statement of purpose

Our target and aims

OptiMale Ltd is a private medical company developed to help people lead healthy and active lives, allowing them to make informed decisions about their health and improve compliance with increased independence. We intend to prevent further illness and treat current hormone imbalances. Our service targets males as we have identified a need within the field of men’s health. The aim of OptiMale’s Men’s Health Clinic is to bring men’s health issues to the forefront and allow men to access testosterone replacement services easily. Men are typically poor at engaging with men’s health issues and there are a number of reasons behind this:-

  • There is a lack of awareness surrounding men’s health.
  • Men have preconceived perceptions about the care they will receive.
  • There is stigma around seeking medical attention.
  • Men experience embarrassment at certain male medical issues.
  • Access to medical services is traditionally in working hours.

Our Men’s Health Clinic’s Focus

OptiMale’s men’s health clinic will focus on male hormone imbalance identification and treatment. We will mostly be treating testosterone deficiency syndrome. However our highly trained medical professionals will identify and provide treatment for various men’s health issues that frequently arise in the population.

Our goal is to prevent illnesses and improve quality of life, whatever the age of our patients. Our target population is men with low testosterone. As such the majority of patients will be over 30 years of age when natural levels usually begin to decline. Despite this there will be many patients under this age who will benefit from our services.

Reducing stigma and improving the conversation

We intend to improve the public awareness of men’s health, particularly regarding testosterone deficiency syndrome. We aim to reduce the stigma surrounding this area of medicine and hopefully in doing so reduce the number of men suffering from physical and psychological issues.

Testosterone deficiency syndrome and mental health

We believe that the male mental health epidemic is closely linked to increasing numbers of men suffering from testosterone deficiency syndrome. By identifying and treating low testosterone we can hopefully improve men’s anxiety and depression symptoms. The ultimate aim is to reduce staggeringly high suicide rates among men through improved awareness, reduced stigmatisation and improved treatment of all men’s health issues.

Clarity and ease of access

We feel that our men’s health clinic’s services should be available to everyone. This means that accessibility and understanding is key. We try to use as little medical jargon as possible to improve patient understanding of their conditions and treatment. All of our services are available and easily accessible across the UK. Finally, our services are high quality and cost effective, to increase the accessible population.