Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Here are some of the things that are patients are saying about us and how the treatment has improved their lives.

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“Treatment has been life-changing. It feels (it’s more than a feeling) like I’m 35 again.

I’m bright, alert, motivated, working hard, sleeping hard, recovering from hard workdays quickly, the list goes on and on. I’m ever so grateful to have found you and finding the answer to those past problems. Injecting is easy and painless, too…

Thanks again for putting me on a path that gave me my youthful energy back. My wife thanks you, too!”


“Even at the start when I had a few problems and hitches and questions, Alastair you made everything so simple.

Dr Airey has been nothing but fantastic and I honestly feel so much better now that my levels are lower and how he even reassured me that if I was happy with slightly lower levels then so is he.

I honestly am so fortunate and can honestly say I’m thankful to be on this treatment with Optimale.

I still am seeing an endocrinologist in the NHS here in Belfast and each time I attend the clinic it’s a different consultant and they don’t know I’m under private treatment, even though I have explained my whole experience and treatment with them and so has my GP.

I understand that the NHS are under immense pressure and strain but they just don’t understand male hormonal replacement therapy at all and every conversation I have with them is just painful and frustrating, I actually feel that I know more than they do at times.

This just reaffirms to me how valuable and important your service is and what you guys are providing.

Not only is it easy and reliable but it is also affordable for an ordinary person like me who works a normal job on normal income and I honestly would be in a serious worse off position than I am now if I hadn’t of been a part of your service.

So I sincerely thank you and really urge you too keep doing what you are doing and growing, you are helping a lot more than you think. 🙂

To all of you I just wanted to write a quick email to the whole team, I honestly cannot thank you all enough and thank you for even having a service like this.

The customer service, ease of service, comfort, Dr, process and everything is just great. It has saved me so much added stress in my life and I am sincerely grateful.”

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ADAM Questionnaire

Low Testosterone Test

The ADAM questionnaire has been shown to have 88% sensitivity in testing for low testosterone.


“Recently I started TRT with OptiMale and my experience has proved very positive. Emails and queries are answered quickly and responses are open, helpful and informative.

Fitting in with my erratic travel schedule has not been a problem and OptiMale have made every effort to accommodate me.”


Testimonials TRT

TRT has been a real game changer!

From the age of 25 I started getting symptoms around the time I left the military.

I thought it was just not having a fixed routine that was getting me down. Turns out it was the only thing keeping me up! I took the basic blood test at Optimale to find my level was 7nmol/l. The testosterone level of a 100-year-old man…

In terms of symptoms, I had it all. Everything except loss of height, which is apparently only common in older men.

6 weeks after starting TRT my levels were 28nmol/l and I felt so alive! I knew I had made the right decision around week 5 when I turned on the radio and I started to love music again. It was transitional.

I am happy to report, after a small tweak to my dose at the three months check-up, I’ve never felt better or been living such a full life with all of my symptoms gone! I’m very happy!

The needles were scary at first, but I put on my big boy trousers and got it done. Now I don’t even notice them. The small needles and subcutaneous technique taught by Optimale make the injections easy.


“I think starting TRT has been a step in the right direction. I’ve seen a massive difference in my energy levels and more importantly my love for life, before this I’d been through a catalogue of prescription drugs to pick me up but to no effect.

It’s only been 3 weeks and I can honestly say I feel the benefits, and in time hoping I will become Ashley again, as sadly that man did disappear for a while.

For mental health I think this is truly a way to go to improve men’s mental health, and it’s that what I think the NHS over looks. Well they did with me! I feel so more focused and with it now.

I wasn’t sure if I should share my story in such detail however I think it’s important for you to see how your patients are benefiting from your treatments.”

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Testosterone test kits

Order an at-home test kit to get started.


“I feel 100 times better!! Making some great progress in the gym and my manliness has now been restored.

Hugely appreciated as always”


Testimonials Optimale

“From a general well-being perspective, I would say quality of life has moved from a 5 to a strong 8.

Main changes I have noticed:

Loss of body fat (I’ve lost 5%)
Substantial decrease in DOMS after the gym
Much more focused at work
Much more positive in general outlook
My cholesterol has reduced by 35% (from 9.4 to 6.2)
And my wife is pregnant!
Overall I am really pleased with the improvements I’ve seen this year!”

Mr Bailey

“Been on TRT treatment for 6 months now having had all the classic signs of low T.

To say the treatment has changed my life is an understatement! I’m literally a new man.

My mood, sex drive and energy is at an all-time high and I feel amazing.

Thank you to Optimale they have been absolutely great through the whole process from day one!”

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“I have been a customer of Optimale for a year now and have been blown away with their product and service.

Not only are they a great company but their support services are second to none (a big thanks to Rebecca for her amazing professionalism and help).

I’ve never been more than 24hrs from a response either from their owner or their extremely capable support teams. I don’t have enough superlatives to cover how happy I am, I will be recommending them to every one of my (suitable) friends. Very, very happy customer.”


‘I rarely write ‘reviews’, however, I feel SO incredibly thankful, invigorated, and actively healthy again after ‘numerous negative years’ of Low Testosterone and exhausting related health issues: I can’t even begin to express my sincerest gratitude and deep appreciation to the Optimale Team.

Alastair, with your true professionalism, integrity, constant caring, along with your Optimale Team’s diligent work over this past year, you’ve, literally, ‘Given Me Back My Life’. You’ve completely changed what was continually distressing, depressing and challenging times, to some of my life’s most enjoyable. In our first conversation, you genuinely listened carefully, then, calmly suggested highly-experienced various options to help me to regain excellent health. You, instantly, gave hope to overcome all the overwhelming negative effects from years of suffering ‘Low T’ symptoms and a life “Stolen” from me.

From our start to where I am now with my remarkable recovery and rejuvenation to become ‘The Man I Knew I Should Be to Keep Fulfilling My Potential’ has been one of the most enjoyable and emphatic journeys of transformation. I feel over 20 years younger again! I can’t thank you and your Optimale Team enough. Without you all, I don’t know where I possibly might have been today! Thank you ALL Sincerely”.

With over 12 Months of extremely successful *Personalized custom-tailored comprehensive TRT Treatment*, I feel I can (from an informed position) confidently put my name to write a full review and tell my ‘comprehensive experiences’ from: almost ‘Complete Despair’ (before Optimale) to now having a ‘Fully Transformative Rejuvenation’. I feel exactly where I want and need my health to be…especially by having regular blood tests which prove my Optimale TRT Treatment WORKS without any adverse side effects.

My first piece of advice is: extensively research “Symptoms of Low T” and related health conditions. I have never smoked; rarely drank; have excellent nutrition; used to be a top-ranked GB sportsman; trained regularly and even after a high-level competitive career, I was always extremely healthy.

Yet, slowly, as time progressed, ‘Low T issues’ bit-by-bit (over years) destroyed the very life-force, vigor, libido and energy I once, always, previously enjoyed. My life and health increasingly became worse, no matter how many NHS Endocrinologists or ‘Specialists’ I saw…

I love our overall NHS, yet every NHS Endocrinologist and Specialist were barely interested in how BAD I felt.

Some even said: ‘You are getting older, this is just what happens!! You’ll Have to get used to living like this now!!”

How incorrect, now, were those comments!!

I have a great GP, but, local Doctors hands are tied by government regulations. Your GPs can’t treat you and can only refer you to NHS Endocrinologists and ‘Specialists’, etc., who: give between 7-10 Minutes of their time in a pressurised consultation: you’ve probably driven miles to the appointment; had stressful limited parking; nervously waiting in hospital waiting rooms (especially in COVID times!), to only be told you require “further tests”, an ‘Ultrasound’ and MRI Scans (in about 4-6 months, if lucky!) and even (as happened with me) further ‘Blood Tests’ constantly returning with ‘Low T’ results, where I then had to wait another 12 weeks before follow up appointments!!

Nothing any NHS endocrinologists did help my ‘Low T’ symptoms. I was even once told, that “most of the feelings I had were Just In My Head!!”

I was continually waiting for various appointments and NHS Endocrinologists, to help me. This help, unfortunately, Never Materialized!!

Therefore, I decided to “Take Control of My Own Destiny”, did ‘Months of Research’ (while waiting for Endocrinologist appointments!) and subsequently after analyzing and contacting every UK clinic (even some in America!) for comparisons, I then contacted Optimale. During research, I read various articles written by Alastair Kennett and we spoke the very first day I contacted Optimale.

As I felt ‘My Life Was On The Line’, I needed to be 100% Certain of choosing The Best Wellness Clinic with various excellent TRT Treatment protocols. Optimale immediately stood head and shoulders above others. I am, therefore, writing to let More People Realise: Working with the Optimale Team and Alastair (in comparison to others contacted) will be *One of The Best Decisions* you ever make.

From various Optimale options, I chose the exact TRT Treatment Protocol that suited my hectic lifestyle to ensure maximum positive lasting results (there was never a ‘one fits all’ approach many others were pushing!!). To constantly fully optimize my treatment protocol, Optimale and Alastair regularly communicate by phone, email and texts. We adopted a Fully HOLISTIC and Multifactorial Approach for maximum overall continued great health.

From my successes: Men must be also “helped” and “alleviated” from these terrible (sometimes tragic) physical, psychological, emotional and sexual ‘problems’ that ‘Low T’ eventually brings and before treatment started had, indeed, negatively impacted me.

No problem is too big for the Optimale Team. In our initial free pre-consultation call, I asked Alastair many questions he answered thoroughly and (very importantly, to me) *Honestly*. With further regular communication, Optimale addressed all the complications and previous issues I had suffered for years.

Most importantly, Alastair Kennett and Optimale have the profound comprehension, experience and expertise that aligns with the highest level quality of care, treatment and understanding to keep me healthy and TRT Hormone levels optimised perfectly. Optimale have exceeded expectations every time, in every way, recovering me to the excellent health I now have.

Everything achieved over this year of treatment has given me back an invigorated, energetic, happy life to now feeling ecstatic to have chosen Optimale (especially speaking with Alastair Kennett that first day). Everything positively predicted has come to fruition in mitigating the debilitating symptoms of Low T I suffered. I now feel and look like a completely new, vibrant and extremely confident man again…especially having gained muscle weight and increased energy (from regular workouts) with renewed motivation (to start, already profitable, new business ventures).

Hopefully, this testimonial helps men overcome negative stigma and fears of Low T, where something just isn’t quite right and ‘lack of feelings’…especially one Very Important Male Area involving lack of feeling in a specific male body part!! My partner always now comments that she “can’t keep up with my new powers of desire and energy”…and she’s over 15 years younger than me!! My previous issues in this area are all now completely resolved.

After years of needless Low T suffering, I am a Newly Invigorated and ‘Revved-Up’ Robust Man again where life has taken on a whole new positive perspective with meaning. Having increased energy to regularly work-out (with only just a few weights I bought), friends and family not seen in a while (on NOW Seeing me) all say, how “healthy, happy, fit and ‘More Muscular’ I have become. These are added bonuses of having Optimale’s regular contact.

From years of experience: Firstly; research “Symptoms of Low Testosterone”…I had them all!! Forget NHS Endocrinologists (whom you ‘think Should help’ but, Can’t Really Anymore) and call Optimale as soon as you perhaps feel male-related issues or even thoughts of ‘Low T’, before inevitably starting to spiral down into darker feelings of Depression, Anxiety and Frustration. If you are not sure why your symptoms are happening, get on the phone to Optimale as I did.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as my results from working with The Optimale Team have proved to where I now have fully regained my invigorated Positive Life Back Again!’

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