Where to get Testosterone Enanthate in the UK?

Where to get Testosterone Enanthate in the UK? Testosterone Enanthate is harder to get in the UK than some other medications as it is under a license which makes it much more expensive!

Luckily at OptiMale we have sourced a supplier which allows us to provide it at a reasonable price. 

What is Testosterone Enanthate used for?

Testosterone enanthate is used in Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to replace the testosterone usually produced by men and to improve the symptoms of low testosterone.

It is injected either once per week or split into two doses and injected every few days depending on the individual.

Some men prefer this medicine to other alternatives for the reasons below.

Why use Testosterone Enanthate in the UK?

Some people ask ‘why use Testosterone Enanthate in the UK if you have alternatives such as Sustanon which are cheaper and just as effective?

For most men, Sustanon is a good choice as it provides the same testosterone as Enanthate but for a better price.

However, some men notice that they get anxiety after taking Sustanon or have a more painful injection site after using it.

Other men get spikes in oestrogen levels from the propionate ester (short acting) in the Sustanon. 

Sustanon contains 4 different esters which release the testosterone into the blood at different rates. 

Testosterone enanthate is thought to have a smoother release profile than Sustanon, which reduces the amount of conversion to oestrogen in some men. This is because it has one ester which releases at a medium rate. It can take slightly longer to ‘kick in’ than Sustanon for this reason.

What are the alternatives to Testosterone Enanthate in the UK?

There are several options if you are thinking about getting Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT):

  • Sustanon – testosterone injection with 4 esters
  • Gonasi HCG 5000 IU – Italian brand of HCG which is used to increase natural production of testosterone.
  • Testogel – this gel is rubbed into the shoulders, it is mainly for men who don’t want to inject.
  • Nebido – a long ester which is injected every 8-10 weeks.
  • Cypionate – another medium length ester which releases in a similar way to enanthate, this is similar to enanthate but comes in a multi-use vial.

Contact us if you’d like some more information about different treatment options and which is most suitable for you!

Is it illegal to have Testosterone Enanthate in the UK?

Testosterone enanthate is a Class C controlled drug which means it’s not an offence to possess them, but manufacturing them, supplying them or exporting them without a licence is illegal, as is buying them online and having them shipped to the UK.

However, if you have a prescription through our specialist doctors we can legally provide medication through a partner pharmacy.

Any use of this medication should be supported by a GMC registered doctor such as one of OptiMale’s specialists.

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