Where to get TRT in the UK?

Where to get TRT in the UK?

What is TRT?

TRT stands for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The replacement of a man’s natural testosterone production when it is low and causing symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

Exogenous testosterone medication (testosterone from outside the body) is provided through injections, patches, or gel. In some cases men take clomid or HCG which increase natural production.

In TRT clinics there are usually several different options that you can choose from. If you go to a modern clinic it is also common to have other medications such as HCG included in TRT to optimise the natural function of the testicles. This prevents atrophy and maintains fertility whilst on TRT.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for male characteristics when a man goes through puberty.

It maintains proper function throughout the body. It helps men with sexual function and stimulation, including libido. It improves muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis. It also affects cognitive function by improving memory and mental agility. Testosterone is important for sperm development in the testicles, thus increasing fertility.

It has roles in bone production and maintains bone density alongside oestrogen which it converts into in the male body.

It is extremely important for good health and general well-being in men and women.

For a more in-depth explanation, click here to read our ‘What is Testosterone’ article.

Where can I get TRT in the UK? Should I get it with the NHS or through a TRT UK clinic?

Getting TRT in the UK can be a difficult process, there are a few options available, with different positives and negatives to them.

Unfortunately the NHS is not always the best option for getting TRT due to the long waiting times and poor medication options available. For men that are refused TRT through the NHS there are several options where you can get TRT in the UK.

Where can I get TRT in the UK, what are the options and costs of each?



For some things, the NHS is hard to beat.

For others (usually non-serious conditions such as testosterone deficiency) there are some issues with how it is provided and monitored which can be extremely different depending on your location and local experts.

Obviously, the NHS is the best value option on the list. Prescriptions are £8.50 for most. However, what you get for that money really does depend.

Getting treatment on the NHS may be as easy as seeing your GP for gels. However, it can often entail long waits for the local endocrinologist. These doctors are also notoriously difficult to get TRT from.

If you do manage to get treatment through the NHS your options are usually limited to a gel or patch, and there is no option to get HCG to maintain your fertility, testicular size and function.


Harley street TRT UK clinics

These are the traditional London based clinics. There are some well renowned experts at some of these clinics whereas others have doctors trying to make a fast buck, watch our for clinics providing various treatments which aren’t specific to men’s health.

These clinics tend to be expensive and require follow ups at the location – this adds to the cost and the clinics charge to cover their hefty rents.

The quality of the care and the surroundings is normally very good. However the service is arguably less convenient than a good online provider who can communicate with you and provide a service remotely.

The monthly cost is often very high following the start of treatment and blood tests routinely cost over £250 whereas OptiMale can provide a similar test for £59.99 – £89.99. Their consultations are usually a lot more expensive than other providers.

(At OptiMale we do provide a face-to-face consultation option which is similar to the Harley Street clinics but better value)

Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacies are popping up all over the internet.

They are a convenient way of obtaining some medications safely.

However, they are not suited to providing certain types of treatments that require a doctor’s care and expertise.

Testosterone replacement therapy requires careful monitoring and follow up care to ensure that a patient is safe and healthy throughout the treatment period. Online pharmacies cannot provide this level of service.

Often they provide medication purely based on a webform, with no doctor consultation and a blood test looking solely at testosterone.

The medication provided is usually a gel as this doesn’t require supervision and is seen as safe. In reality, the gel is often ineffective, due to absorption issues, but can still cause side effects such as high oestrogen levels, gynaecomastia and raised haematocrit which can lead to increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Careful monitoring through a specialist doctor allows these issues to be identified and treated effectively.

Private TRT clinic (OptiMale)

OptiMale is one of the pioneering clinics in the UK. We provide the newest medications with the best evidence for effective treatment and low side effects.

We have a convenient and safe process which allows you to access treatment without the problems usually encountered when visiting expensive clinics.

Our doctors are at the forefront of the modern approach to TRT, using medications to ensure your fertility and natural production remains as much as possible.

We provide treatment for the busy man who values convenience and good service at a reasonable price.

The Black Market

The black market route is inherently risky. We get a lot of patients coming to us looking for safe and effective care after trying to manage their own TRT.

Some of the problems with this can be the difference between a long and healthy life, and dying early.

Black market testosterone can be underdosed which leads to poor results. It isn’t pharmaceutical grade which means it doesn’t have any checks on its quality. It may not be sterile or it may contain particles which cause abscesses and infections.

UK TRT Anxiety


Monitoring of results and health conditions is absent, without a registered doctor to ensure that you are safe throughout treatment there are various side effects which can cause serious long term harm.

Travelling with fake medication or drugs which aren’t prescribed can put you in hot water when travelling. This leads to men either not travelling at all or putting themselves at risk of smuggling charges.  This option may be cheaper, but most people have the sense to put their health above the small extra monthly cost of legitimate treatment.

Do I Need TRT?

There are a few ways you can tell whether you may need TRT.

Firstly, check out our FAQ which runs through the common symptoms of low testosterone.

Secondly, you can also take the ADAM questionnaire. This is a questionnaire that screens for low testosterone and is 88% accurate – you can access it here.

If these are low then the next step is to get a blood test or have a chat to one of our advisors.

Where can I get advice on TRT?

There are lots of websites across the internet which provide advice on TRT. Some of these are reputable, whereas others are run by people with no medical background.

Be aware that some advice is likely to be from steroid users who do not have good knowledge of the risks surrounding testosterone use and who it is suitable for.

Forums can be useful for garnering knowledge on TRT but they also often contain poor advice which may lead to decisions that affect your health.

Our blog is reviewed by medical doctors from the UK for accuracy. Give us a call or fill in the contact us form if you have further questions on TRT.



This article explains the different options for TRT in the UK and gives you a good idea of which will suit you the best.

If you want any further advice then please contact us on the form below and our advisors will be able to help you with any questions!

If you already have blood tests then please get in touch and we can advise on whether you are appropriate for treatment.

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Dr Chris Airey

Dr Chris Airey

Medical Director

This article has been medically reviewed for accuracy by Dr Airey on 12th September 2020.

Dr Chris Airey is a fully registered UK doctor with the GMC (General Medical Council) Reference No: 7490533.
He trained at the University Hospital Southampton and graduated as a Doctor with a joint Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery, plus a Masters in Medical Science, completing his research project in the Medical Neurosciences Department.
He is undertaking a Master of Science course in Endocrinology and is a member of the European Society for Sexual Medicine, and the Androgen Society.
He has personal experience with taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy and is a pioneer in UK treatment protocols for Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.